The glass is made of high quality sapphire crystal, similar to the one used in luxury watches. The engineering of the glass has gone through thorough R&D in order to provide optimal clarity of your diamond.
Overall, MAGNIFICENCE can be treated like a common piece of jewelry. Its the high quality sapphire crystal that needs some TLC. Click here to read more on “How to take care of your MAGNIFICENCE.”
There’s nothing to worry about! Simply get in touch with your retailer. They will help you with replacing/repairing the MAGNIFICENCE piece at a minimum and nominal cost.
The glass has been engineered to withstand reasonable temperature differences and should not fog up. However, it’s best to take extra care and precaution whenever you feel the need.
You may be familiar with the concept of anti-reflection coating on your eyewear. This coating on MAGNIFICENCE’s glass is to ensure maximum clarity of your diamond, minimizing reflections of surrounding objects.
Since you’re going to love your piece of jewelry so much, you may end up touching it with your bare hands more often than you had imagined! Let’s say that the anti-smudge coating will ensure that your lens is least affected by your fingerprints on it.
- Ensure that you use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe the glass surface - When soaking the piece in warm soapy water to clean the diamond, avoid using the any harsh detergents or alcohol-based solvents. - Avoid using hard-bristled brushes for cleaning the product Click here to read more on “How to take care of your MAGNIFICENCE.”
Soaking your piece of MAGNIFICENCE in warm soapy water bath should be sufficient. Follow it up by soaking it or running it through plain water and then air drying to on a towel.
All MAGNIFICENCE diamonds have been directly sourced from the mines and are Kimberley Certified.