4 years ago,

our team started to brainstorm with an easy thought starter that led to a simple question that eventually led to a challenging goal!

Most diamond jewelry connoisseurs are constantly on the lookout for unique pieces to add to their wardrobe. However, what brings them true joy is getting the best value out of their jewelry with designs that look unmatched, unique and are natural conversation-starters. Hence, the diamond jewelry industry, over the years, has made several attempts to make consumers feel a true sense of contentment with their purchases. One of the most successful approaches to this has been evolving & modifying designs to make the diamond appear bigger. Innovations like diamond halos, miracle plates, illusion setting, the endless diamond, the lady dream diamond and the carnation diamond have all intended to enhance the look of something that’s already stunningly beautiful – a diamond.

So we asked the question:
Are all innovations in this space exhausted? Maybe not.

With the determination to explore an untapped & unknown space, we took on this challenge to surprise our consumers with the latest innovation in the diamond jewelry market!

Here’s where the journey of MAGNIFICENCE began.

MAGNIFICENCE is an outcome of several years of research & development. We’re proud to say over these years, we were successfully able to meld jewelry design with technology to bring a patented product never witnessed by the diamond industry!

MAGNIFICENCE seals a diamond in the center of an elegant sapphire glass lens that magnifies the diamond’s size and enhances its beauty, giving it a larger and more striking appearance. The use of high-quality sapphire glass adds a touch of luxury, and the custom engineering is a novel idea, executed to perfection.

A MAGNIFICENCE diamond jewelry piece empowers you to express your love through an intelligent and elegant purchase. It nearly doubles your perceived purchasing power by doubling the size and uplifting the radiance of your diamond. How? Know More

Our entire collection is perfect for gifting occasions all year round – Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, Graduation and many more!

Make a smart purchasing decision and MAGNIFY YOUR LOVE with MAGNIFICENCE.